[From QnA] HW Configuration problem with WIZ105SR

I am trying to get the WIZ105SR to respond to the HW-Trigger signal on pin 8. I set Reset low, then set HW-Trigger low and then delay for 100milliseconds before setting Reset high. I look for the ; character output from the TX pin but nothing is transmitted from this. What could I be doing wrong? I have tried 2 different modules and both behave the same way.


Dear customer,
Thanks for your interest in Wiz105sr.
Please confirm the as below.

  1. Supply the power into the module by asserting low 8th pin of J1(or setting ‘ON’ of SW5 in Test Board).
  2. Check if the message (‘:’) is displayed to notify the entering of Hardware Configuration. If module is set as ‘Debug mode’, the message is displayed after showing model name and version.

    If you don’t see debug message, please confirm the Enable Serial Debug Mode(check the box) in configuration tool. And When HW Trigger OFF, please check again and serial command use whether or not.