UDP socket, only send data

Dear all,


when i open and UDP socket on a specific port, my application can send my data as expected (UDP broadcast feature).
but as there are some other equipments on my LAN, that send some data on the same UDP port, my application receive these data.

is there any way to specify to the WIZFI250 module, an UDP socket as ‘emitter’ only … and discard all data received on this UDP port ?
to not “pollute” my application ?

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The WizFi250 “local port” should be changed to another port number when Socket is opened.

AT+SCON=o, ucn or usn, destip, destport, “LOCAL PORT”, mode


well, it’s not really solve the issue !..?
if i select another local port, then i will receive data on this other port (if any others LAN connected devices use it !)

no ?

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There is no way to block some data on the same port.
But you can find the data sender profile in command mode(sender IP, port)
So, you have to discard the data when other equipment sends the data on the same port.