W5100 ping but no response


I was playing around with the arduino ethernet shield, but not on arduino. I’m using atmega 1284 and I program it from Atmel studio. So, back to the ethernet shield. It uses W5100. I can get it to ping, but when I enter in address bar (it’s IP address and request for index.html page) it won’t open it. I check again and it pings. So does anybody know what is going on here?


I’m checking to your configuration.

First, you checking to ping ?

If you can ping

It is not ethernet shield problem.

otherwise checking RJ-45 LAN LED(yellow and green)?

one more checking to your code.

Thank you

the module does not have an http server “native” to do this then I hope that you put on the embedded side the software to response for incoming http request of index.html

Hi, sorry for not responding.
So, this happens. Of course, I have a software library included in my project. W5100 works for about 10-15 minutes normally and after that I can’t reach it over the browser, only from console by pinging it’s IP address. Is it overheating maybe?

you should understand if is reception part that goof after a number of bytes received or simply spent time a lot of time…
if you think it’s the heat, you should have the same result by leaving the chip power also limiting the reception.
But if instead it happens after a constant number of received bytes then it probably are rx pointers vs data readed num not coherent (and hangs receiving logic).
Check the logical at buffer-overflow time sending bytes for a number sufficient to fill the receive buffer as soon as possible and if everything hangs before 15 minutes are pointers :wink: