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What is the UDP ports used to search for this module?

I have an application that needs to be able to search for the WIZ550S2E module. I cannot find answers to these:

What is the UDP local port and UDP remote port number used to search for this device?
What is the string that should be sent during the search?
What is the return string sent from the device when its found?

I have this working with a WIZ105SR module which uses
remoteport= 1460
localport= 5001
Then you have to send F I N D

However this doesn’t appear to work with the WIZ550S2E. The module is found with their java app. If I look at the ports with a sniffer it seems like the ports are constantly changing so I can’t really determine it. An email to support only pointed me to the java app. Does anyone else have specs on the UDP Broadcast search method?

hi. spyder0069

sorry for the late reply.

The code of the configuration tool published on github. https://github.com/Wiznet/WIZnet_Configuration_Tool

The contents of picture and source of github, please be aware that there are some differences.

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