WIZ107 not showing on Configuration Tool


I’ve tried to activate newly purchased WIZ107SR with Configuration Tool ver

Search window: 50001

After search was done, at the bottom of Configuration Tool window:
Find: 0 devices None devices selected

After a while, a popup window shows:
“A connection failed because the connected party did not
properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host
has failed to respond”

Hardware: Pull up resistors 10K on pins 4,6,8
LED on pin 8

Environment: Windows7 (x64), firewall is OFF, no virtual box.

When ethernet cable is connected, LEDs on RJ45: One is steady ON, other is blinking irregularly. LED on pin 8 is OFF.
When ethernet cable disconnected, both RJ45 LEDs OFF, LED on pin 8 blinks at 1sec rate.

Supply voltage is 3.0V.

What can I do?

It seems a very nice device.

Best regards

Hi again,

I managed to detect both my WIZ107 and WIZ108 by using UDP.
It is explained in WIZ107SR_UM_V171E.pdf
while in WIZ107_108SR_AN_S2E-Programming-Guide_V100E.pdf a TCP seemed the only option.

May this help the others


Hi, Goran.
Thank you for sharing your problem solving experiences.