I have the problem with my board with W5500 chip installed. The problem is, the LINKLED is always on, no matter if Ethernet cable plugged in or not. The other LEDS are off. Once I pull down RSTn leg of W5500, the LINKLED goes off, but once I pull leg up again, LINKLED goes on.

My schematics attached.

SPI port is connected to MCU which is not pogrammed (i.e. all legs in Z-state).

Seems like W5500 just hangs. I have re soldered another chip, but still same reaction.

What this might be? Please help me!


LINK LED is always on. It is true (Your RJ-45 Yellow LED)

And active LED is blink (Your RJ-45 Green LED)

And GND is very dangerous.

Shield is CHGND. Checking the Reference Circuit (below URL) … fschematic

And Do it ping test.

Ping test is join the command mode (cmd) and “ping” ex)ping

Thank you

Thank you for your help. Also I would like to thank Wiznet support guy, Lucid. He helped me to figure out the problem.

The main problem is that 4pin should be connected the AVCC. After connecting pin 4 to AVCC the chip came to life!