W7500 save data


Is it simple way to save data to flash memory and then load it after power on?


Please refer to http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=products:w7500:peripherals:flash.

Thank you.


thank you for reply. I’ve done IAP test successfully. Is it possible to write one byte without erasing whole data block?


That is impossible.
Flash is same as a NAND flash.
Before programing the data, You should be erased the flash after your data shoud be back-up on other memory such like as SRAM.
Thank you.


In which compiler you are doing the programming , Iam using online compiler mbed os, can I use IAP in it?


Sorry, We do not support IAP in mbed online compier.

You should use keil, IAR, gcc compiler that provided through our driver.

link : https://github.com/Wiznet/W7500