Initialization confirm

when i power up my board the microcontroller initalize the w5100
but some times the 5100 not initialiazing,
so is any way to check and verify after some ms if is initialiazing?
when i power up my board, how many ms i must wait before start the initialization?



1),2) Check the reset time. For more detail, Refer to data sheet.

Reset Low time should be 2us over.
After Reset is high, You should wait 10ms over until PLL is locked.

Thank you.

for reset i have add to reset pin a 10k resistor to vcc and a 100nf cap to ground, but still some times “1 at 10 times” the w5100 is not inititialize


The reset low time is too enough.
Check the pll-time after reset high.

In main(), Before initalization of W5100, You should be wait until internal PLL is stable.
It takes a few time. 10 ms over.
In addition, you check the link led signal turn on.
You’d better initialize to W5100 after link-led singal turn on.

Thank you.