W7500 with HC-SR04 and LCD display

Please guys, How to work with the sensor HC-S04 (Ultrassonic) and W7500. I would like meassure a single distance in centimeters and print this result in a LCD display using a module i2c.
It is hard to do? for example in arduino platform we use a function called pulseIn.

I learned with the tutoriais/projects how to work with oled display to print data.
Thank you!


It is Just I2c communication.

You need study c languague.

There is W7500 compiler tools for keil and mbed.

So, mbed source example is below site.

developer.mbed.org/components/S … ge-Finder/

Thank you

Hi, Hamurabi

Thank you for your interests with W7500.

Do you have WIZwiki-W7500 board?

If you have and you want to know what you can do with it Or just you wanna know how to handle only HC-S04 and LCD…

Like upper answer, I would like to recommend you [url]https://developer.mbed.org/[/url]

In it, there is WIZwiki-W7500 as a mbed platform board. [url]Development boards | Mbed

Please refer this page and learn all open code with WIZwiki-W7500 : [url]https://developer.mbed.org/teams/WIZnet/code/[/url]

And… here is the example with HC-S04 : [url]catchCats - Catch cats - Toy of cats | Mbed
I2C LCD : [url]SSD1306_LCD-HelloWorld - SSD1306 | Mbed

The reason why I tell you mbed.org, In wiznet academy, we offer some lectures with mbed configuration.

But if you want you only get the lib and do with Keil, IAR

If you want to know how to do mbed, please email me. lawrence@wiznet.co.kr

I will send you wiznet academy pdf file

Thank you


Thank you so much Mr Lawrence!

Yes i have the board W7500, i did few tests with Termistor and LCD OLED using some libraries. I still need get better the code.
It is awesome.

I have a channel in youtube about arduino and electronics i will introduce them easy projects with w7500 for marketing.
I still very beginner about w7500.

This is my first video about W7500 product (it is portuguese of Brazil)

Thank you for the cooperate. i will to quote you in the next video about w7500 if you want.

my email is tthamurabi@yahoo.com.br

Have a nice day!

Hi, Hamurabi !

Watched it! It is so Great!

Ant time ask when you meet any troubles with handling WIZwiki-W7500.

And it will be sooo good to me if you quote me! :smiley:

Thank you,