[From QnA] WIZ200web questions (PHP)


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I recently purchased the wiz200web and I need help with 3 things:

Where can I find the original website rom that came with the unit and the baseboard?
Is it possible to install php on the webserver?
If so, do you have any steps on how to do it?
My goal is to have a php page that communicates with an sqllite DB to save/show data to users.
I used the romfilemaker and took 2 files (both located in the same folder). A picture(1.jpg) and index.html but for some reason the picture never shows up. I just see the x where the image should be. Do you know why this would happen?
Sorry for the silly questions and thanks in advance for help.



Dear customer,

Thanks for your interest in Wiz200web.
Please refer to as below.
Please follow as below.
WIZ200WEB_FW_V130 > firm_rev1.3 > main > ex03_webserver

If you want to use php, it is impossible.
Romfile marker is only storing small letter.
Beware that you will have to use image link of html.