Data Packing Condition

Hi, is there any setting for data packing in WizFi250, base on time, character received or size? I can’t find any. I formerly used Wiz610 which supported that setting.


User data 1460 bytes in MAX buffer(1500bytes).

There are 2 modes for sending data.

  1. Command mode.
  2. Data mode.

If you want to know 2 modes, refer to the following link … _data_mode

Data packing condition in the data mode.

Data packing condition in the command mode.

  • Before sending data, you have to fix the data size like below.
  • AT+SSEND=0,100 => it means that WizFi250 send the 100bytes data to [socket 0]
  • You just send the 100bytes data followed by AT+SSEND=0,100
  • Then, WizFi250 send to air the data when it received 100bytes from the serial interface.