Wiz140sr & rs485

I was wondering if anyone has used the 140SR to control a half duplex RS-485 bus? I’d like to have both RS-232 & RS-485 ports.

WIZ140SR is TTL level. So if you want RS232 & RS485, you need create base board.
there is WIZ550web + web base board. It is supports RS232 & RS485.
you want cost down ? if so WIZ550S2E(there is RS232 version & RS485 version), WIZ107SR(RS232) , WIZ108SR(RS485/422).

Thank you

Thank you Edward.
I realize the WIZ140SR is TTL. What I was wondering was if it supports turning on and off the Driver enable pin that would be required for a half duplex RS-485 bus.

As for the other products, I need four ports total, three RS232 & one RSf85, so that’s why I was looking at the WIZ140SR

Hello wlasante,

Yes, you can use WIZ140SR for RS485.
It has capability to drive RS485 transceiver and is “RTS Only” amongst options of Flow Control.

Thank you.


Great! thanks