WIZ110SR going offline but ping

I bought lot of these unit to monitor unmanned autonomous telecom towers but they always (after a week or so) go unresponsive (i can only ping them). We need to send someone onsite to power cycle the module. Please update firmware with an internal watchdog, or make them reboot if i disable/enable switch port, or give me a way to reboot them with ip packets… I need to solve this a soon as possible…

Dear geminitro

Please check the firmware version in Configuration tool.
And I recommand F/W update to the latest version. (v5.13)
Refer to [url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/product-item/wiz110sr/[/url]

One more, I suggest to use inactivity time as 5~10 second.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I already have up to date firmware, and i already use timout. Any other clues ?