DDNS W5500 software implementation

Hello guys,

Please, have anyone here perform some DDNS software application or library in C to use with W5500 ?
I really need it to improve my last product.

I am searching for it on the internet, if someone could help, I will appreciate a lot.

I’d like to use no-ip or dyn DND for instance.

Thank you guys.


Now, there is not DDNS example code.

We have plan to after.

So, please you check to mbed DDNS code.

refer to below URL


Thank you

Hi Edward …

thank you so much for your reply and help.

I will try it soon and give you a feedback.


Hi Edward,

Any news or attempts to do a DDNS software example code ??

I am trying use the last one you sent me, but, it is a little difficult to me.

I will try more and look for something like this in the internet.

Thanks for some update.