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How can I connect AP having WPA2 Personal Security


I’m unable to connect the AP which is available in my office which having with WPA2 Personal security. I am able to connect the wizfi220 module with security “NONE”, using command <AT+WA>. Could anyone suggest the commands to connect to my AP having WPA2 Personal security.
For your reference my AP details are as follows

BSSID SSID Channel Type RSSI Security
84:d4:7e:9c:53:b5, RES_Research , 11, INFRA , -55 , WPA2-PERSONA

Thank you


There is a command log that will be able to connect to the AP having WPA2.

BSSID SSID Channel Type RSSI Security
e8:fc:af:fd:a2:85, wizms1 , 09, INFRA , -56 , WPA2-PERSONAL
No.Of AP Found:1
IP SubNet Gateway

:: xxxxxxxx is my AP’s passphrase.

if you want to choose the security type. just add the at+wsec command before at+wa command.


n=0 : auto
n=1 : open
n=2 : WEP
n=4 : WPA-PSK
n=8 : WPA2-PSK(security type of your AP)
n=16: WPA2 Enterprise


Thank You danial…

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