Problem with Wiz107SR: not found by configuration tool after firmware upgrade


I recently bought a wiz107SR module. After playing a bit with it, the device has been found by the configuration tool. I tried to upgrade the firmware of the device to the latest version that can be download on your website. I didn’t get any error messages telling me that any error occurs neither there was a confirmed uploading process.

Regarding to the wiz107SR module itself, it seems that the communication leds of the RJ45 are still operating as expected (one blinking and the other is “on”) but I am not able anymore to ping the board or to connect to it by others tools I have been using before to experience this problem (for example the configuration tool that you provide with the module).

So, I have a few questions :

Is there any possibility to restore the default setup of the module ?
Do I have to reflash the W7100 as well ? I have been already looking a bit regarding to this last question and specially concerning the default bin/hex files that is inside the W7100 module. Is it possible to reflash it and is it possible somewhere to find the procedure ?

I red on different topics of this forum that you’re providing as well some recovering guides when there a problem is happening during the firmware flashing process. Is there one available for the WIZ107SR module ?

Thanks in advance for help,

Hi. B.Francois
If your problem caused by configuration data broken, you may be restored WIZ107SR device by following steps with WIZ107SR interface board (EVB). But application data damaged during firmware update, user can not recovered. In this case, please request RMA to your dealer or our branch.

* This process performs the following: [quote] + Erase the configuration data flash memory + Re-enter the MAC address + Device recovery to factory default settings [/quote]
  • Steps (7.1 MB)

Hi Hkjung and thanks for the quick answer.

It seems that all the procedure operates as expected (no error nor log file). Despite of this, the configuration tool is not able to detect the Wiz107sr module.

Is it possible that by any manner, the W7100A iMCU firmware has been “damaged” ? Is it possible to re-flash it ? Regarding to the indication I found on the web, I am pretty sure that it is possible, but, do you provide the “factory firmware” in a binary format in order to do it ?

Is the RMA request the only solution to solve this problem ?

Best regards,

B.Francois, we are sorry to your problem.
Please tell us your hardware revision (printed on the WIZ107SR board) and firmware version information.
Tell you the truth, you can re-program the device MCU using full-firmware binary. But we cannot provide full-firmware binary to customers because it’s our product management policy.

Please request RMA to your dealer or our branch.

Unfortunately, I am not currently at office. I will provide you the hardware revision as soon as possible.

Thanks for the update regarding to your policy, I was expecting this answer.