W7500P-Master (IAP_Example)

In the IAP_Example example for the W7500P-Master there is a #define UART1. This seems to be incorrect because in the picture of the diagram attached in order to get debug print statements in a serial console you must use UART2. In the below code UART1 needs to be defined as UART2 in order to get proper debugging. This seems to be an oversight.

#define __DEBUG

#ifdef __DEBUG
#include “W7500x_uart.h”
UART_InitTypeDef UART_InitStructure;

/* Private variables ---------------------------------------------------------*/
volatile TestStatus TransferStatus = FAILED;
uint8_t save_buff[BLOCK_SIZE];

Also it’s not as simple as changing the #define to UART2. The structure being passed into the UartsPut() function is not of type UART2. Some rework is going needed. Also the function S_UartsPut() doesn’t work aswell.

I wonder if this issue has been fixed in the new version? And I had the same problem when testing the IAP_Example?