W5100 socket1,socket2 and socket3 Sn_RX_RSR problem

Hi all

İ tray to open socket(0) UDP mode --its work fine.But when i open socket(1),socket(2) or socket(3) and after recieving data the Sn_RX_RSR register gives 0x0000 value always .I read the Socket recieve area from Base adress ,i see the valid data is recieved ,but Sn_RX_RSR register is not changed (it si allways 0x0000).Please help me ,what is the problem ?

Mustafa, most probably you read data from wrong location. For socket 0 regbase should be 0x400, for socket 1 it should be 0x500, socket 2 is 0x600 and socket 3 is 0x700. Thus RSR register locations are (for respective socket): 0x426/0x427, 0x526/0x527, 0x626/0x627 and 0x726/0x727 of W5100 absolute address space. Also ensure to read 0x6 register first and only then 0x7.