7100 se2 - data encrypted?

My name is Kris. We have been using your WizNet108 sr modules and te software for virtual COM ports WizVSPfor quite some time and we are pleased with their performance.
We are now trying to make a serial to Ethernet connection using our own program: the idea is to connect several devices with a serial port to an Eternet hub and make them communicate among themselves. Our prototype includes an W7100 S2E chip, a terminal program to send/receive Serial Data and a piece of our software to send/receive data via the Ethernet port. What we noticed is that in both directions the strings we send/receive are encrypted while passing through the chip. Our questions are:

  1. Is there any way to avoid the encryption of the data strings passing through the chip?
  2. in case the above is not possible, can you send us some tech data (algorithm or script) showing how the encryption/decryption is done so that we can implement it in our program.

Hello Kris,

W7100-S2E is a preprogrammed chip with the firmware on WIZ107SR module.
However, you said you’ve used WIZ108SR before and are making your own board with W7100-S2E.
I wonder if you got W7100-S2E which the firmware of WIZ108SR is programmed in.

Frankly speaking, most of all WIZnet modules don’t use data encryption.
So, this symptom that you think data is encrypted may be broken data due to using the firmware for WIZ107SR in the environment for RS485 which you’ve use WIZ108SR.

Please check which one you use, RS232 or RS485.

Thank you.