Problem Led Fix Ethernet Act


Are working with the WIZ1000 modules.

Below is module configuration:

This woking good.

The problem is that when we activate in flow control for CTS/RTS:
For Test, We use the next conection for DB9
-Bridge CTS and RTS
-Bridge RX and TX

Led Power Fix On Red
Led Serial TX/RX Off
Led Fix On green Ethernet Link
Led Fix On green Ethernet Act.

Configuration Tool Wiz1000 not find the module.

Somebody know this error?.


Dear pesadillaeterna

I have tested WIZ1000 such as your method.
But it’s normal.
LED of Ethernet Act is blink and a target is founded by CFG tool.


Hi Jim,

The problem comes when the data is transmitted. Jim can try transferring data, thanks

Just the next test, configured as shown below:

Before sending data to the terminal device, the modules are found with CFG.

After sending some data through the serial port.

No response data to the serial port. (Device Terminal).

CFG founded the WIZ1000 Client but not the WIZ1000 Server.

In WIZ1000 Server, the Ethernet Act Fix On. To find it again that you turn off the WIZ1000