W7500 ECO Net Eagle files

Hi All,

Has anyone developed an eagle file for the ‘ECO’ version board ?





ECO board is altium…

you must create eagle cad…

Thank you

Thanks for the response Edward.

Right now I’d be happy for a W7500 chip Eagle library. None of the new chips are up on the wiki:
wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=osh … dlib:start

The LQFP-64 7x7 appears to be a rare form-factor…


Hi, blackink

Than you for your interests with W7500 ECO.

Today, the hareware engineer is not at work.

So, tomorrow I will ask if there is the CAD with W7500 ECO or some documents could be referred.

Thank you,


Hello, blackink

I asked the eagle file to hardware engineer

And… he said there is no eagle file for w7500 and w7500p.

Here is some schematic references.


Thank you