Printf issue in the new version of Jan 2016


I tested with the ADC project of Peripheral Example, the Printf function can work with example project of Version 1.0.0. But with the new version of Jan 2016, The Printf can’t work with the Hyper Terminal. I doubt this issue maybe caused by the change of UART related software.

Welcome any hint or help.


Edward Zheng

Hi, ezheng

Thank you for your interests with W7500.

If you do printf with USB cable connected WIZwiki-W7500, it uses UART1.

So, check it on the software.

And… ezheng, could I know what is the new version you get ?

Because official W7500 example version is ver 1.0.0 you used before.

WIZnet is updating some parts but for long time, did not update ADC. and Hard to find upper version.

If you share your IDE configuration and code, It will be helpful to fix it.

Thank you!


Hi Lawrence,

Thank you for your fast response.

The new version is downloaded from W7500x_Library_Example in the, Which updated 22 days ago.

My board is WIZwiki W7500P. The Configuration of UART and Hyper Terminal are the same for both version of software.

My IDE is MDK-ARM, PC connects board with mbed Serial Port.

I don’t know how to share the IDE configuration, but both version of software are running based on same IDE configuration.



Hi, ezheng

You have WIZwiki-W7500P ! :smiley:

I did not know that… we did not make the drive can be used in both W7500 and W7500P.

So, you have to use W7500P example from [url][/url]

Please enter the url and check the uart. It will work well.

Thank you


Hi Lawrence,

I tested the ADC Project for updated W7500P software, it’s working as the former version.

By the way, I wonder Why at the target option, The IROM1 should configured as (Start = 0x0, Size = 0x20000), but not as the W7500P memory map(Start = 0x0, Size = 0x1000)

Thank you very much!


Hello, Ed


This is W7500P datesheet and please go page 17.

There are two memory maps.

First bar is for normal operation and second bar is for Boot.

When it is in normal operation, the flash size is 0x0 ~ 0x20000.

Otherwise, the rom size is 0x0 ~ 0x1000 when it is in boot.

So, on the target menu, it must be 0x0~0x20000. caz firmware will be downloaded in this area.

I think you are confused with it… am i right? haha

By the way, thank you for your passion with w7500p

If you have any question, please post here.

Thank you


Hi Lawrence,

You are right. I have been confused for a while for this question :

  1. When configure the IROM address and size in the Keil MDK-ARM, We can use internal FLASH instead of it?



Hi ezheng

Glad to read that!

Anytime, feel free to bring your idea.

Thank you