Error 400 on GET or POST method with lightHTTPD server

Hi all,
I am facing a strange problem /
I am using arduino nano and compact W5100 eternet module
I develop a mysql server with PHP script to record the data collected by the Nano
For this I use WAMP package on my windows machine, everything goes right with GET or POST method
Now I change the server to ANDROID based machine and need to use Lighttpd 1.4.35 server
The problem is that with this server nothing works and server answer error 400 bad request

I double-check with wireshark application and data are OK
I double-check my PHP code on this server (Lighttpd) using external tools and this works with those tools.

I conclude that there is something wrong either with the module either with the provided library

Any idea to solve this ?


Francis, make your Android server logging everything which comes from the client. I assume there’s basic log file which would show some details about what is going on, but you would need to log whole header and contents. Error 400 is bad request which means that your Android server does not understand something in the request. One bad character transmitted may cause such behavior of one type of servers while others may just discard bad characters.

Hi Eugenie,

Thank a lot for your explanation and time to answer.
I know the code 400, but cannot find the solution with this server
I move to orangePI board with lubuntu and Appache server ans this works marvelously well
I still focus to install on ANDROID system but seem APPACHE server are not available on ANDROID

Problem stil pending, if anyone has found the solution ???