Unable to enter Data Mode with UDP socket

Hi guys.

Network correctly joined, opening socket with command:

at+scon=SO,USN,,,8888,1 [CONNECT 0] [OK]

…ok, works, I receive UDP packet from remote:


…but I am still in Command Mode.
Performing command AT+SDATA returns error: [ERROR: Mode Status].

What’s wrong?!


which firmware version did you use?

UDP data mode was operated normally when I tried the F/W official version.
but upper version firmware didn’t operate a data mode in UDP.
Thank you for found the bug.

This bug will be fixed.

v1.0.3.3 is bugged

If I set it with webserver works fine, after reset UDP connection is automatically connected.

If I do it manually, does not work:



join WiFi but still it command mode, without socket connected automatically:

Socket is present but not connected; AT+SDATA does not work.

The only way is to redo all:
AT+SMGMT=ALL <<–necessary
…now socket is connected and in data mode.

In brief, an UDP profile stored as SO,USN do not restarts automatically after reset.

The same problem if WiFi connection is lost and restored: the socket is not reconnected automatically.

Again, if I configure it with module’s webserver, works fine restoring connection automatically.