WIZ110SR Mac Adress sending

I need to receive from WIZ110SR MAc Adress to identify device from a list of WIZ’ s. How can I do this.
It is possible to get this informations or other identifier of the WIZ ?

Dear gtheo99

You can use Serial Command. (e.g. )
If you need more info, refer to User Manual.


Thx Jim,
You are very kind.
I am not very familiar with device terminal.
I have tried Hyper terminal but I do not configure Wiz successful .
I need to get MAC Address and implement keep alive function.
I want to use WIZ110RS for get some data and mac address only in Client mode.
Can you help with a serial command script for that.
Thx again.

Please refer to the attached image file.

  1. Enable Serial Configuration and press Setting icon for saving.
  2. Input +++ or through terminal program.
  3. Check MAC address.

Please read User Manual fully.



my name is Adrian and I’m in the same team with gtheo99.

Please tell us if there is a way to receive/get/know the mac address after the device is connected in “Client mode” to our remote (not in the same LAN) server, I’ve tried to respond on the same socket after device connect with “FIND” bytes but no response.

Now the device is connecting and sending serial bytes without a problem but when we have let’s say 10(ten) WIZ110SR connected we can’t identify them.

Thanks in advance.

Dear Adrian

In case of WIZ110SR module
First, if you make the Server program, you can get the MAC address after connection. Refer to [url]Wiz110SR Set parameters using VB code]

Second, you can’t receive the MAC address from the module directly. You must get the MAC address through serial terminal. And then you transfer the MAC address to Server.

In case of W5100, W5500 chipset
You can set the MAC address to the module and get from the module by using library APIs. Refer to [url]https://github.com/Wiznet/ioLibrary_Driver[/url]


Hi Jim,

thank you for reply.

We are involved in a large project for several hundred devices and we need to use WIZ110SR in client mode only, mixed or server mode is not possible because WIZ devices will be installed on remote internet locations where we don’t have admin passwords for local routers.

Actual WIZ110SR Firmware does not have the features we want.

We need the following:

  1. WIZ device always connect to a specified ip address and port and keep that connection open (auto reconnect), the socket server is made by our team.
  2. After connection WIZ device must send his MAC address to the server (as an auth pachet/message).
  3. WIZ device needs to remain connected and when a byte(s) is received on the serial port and send it to the server.
  4. If no internet connection (no socket connected) and bytes are comming from serial port to be buffered (in non volatile memory) with timestamp added and when internet connection is up again resend the recorded packets (serial bytes + unixtimestamp).
  5. WIZ device must send keepalive packets/messages to the server (every 60 seconds).

If you can help us with this device please let us know, if not please recommend other WIZ device who can do all those features.

Thank you again.


Hi Adrian

I think you need the customization support.
If you deside to use our chipset or module, you can get the customization support by PO volume, NRE.
Please contact to the nearest local office.