RX_RD_PTR for W5200

Does the Sn_RX_RD register (location to begin reading received data) ever skip locations?

To save reading time, I’d like to read Sn_RX_RD once, and increment it by the number of bytes that I read from the RX memory. I understand it will wrap beyond the actual physical memory location for the associated socket. Will it ever be incremented by the W5200 itself?

In other words, I’d like to read the Sn_RX_RD value once. Each time I read bytes from the socket, I will increment my local copy of this value, and also write that value before sending the RECV command to finish the read process. Can I do this safely, or must I read Sn_RX_RD each time I begin a read operation for a specific socket?

Hi, ags.

You don’t need to read RD pointer each time if you don’t want.

Best regards.