Linux driver error

I have some problem with W5300 driver for linux, My linux kernel version 3.8
Firstly, I had some problems with device tree, line compatible = “wiznet, w5300”, because the driver didnt begin to start. After that I add some line as “compatible = …” etc at the driver and it become to starting.
After that I write the dts file, specify all timing parameters, interrupt parent (gpio3), but the driver was fail at the line ret = request_irq(irq, w5300_interrupt, IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW, name, ndev); (the starting of linux stopped with a lot of errors). I try to change this line to
ret = request_irq(irq, w5300_interrupt, 0, name, ndev); and driver become to works, but with some errors (transmit timeout, etc). The linux see the w5300, but it dont work (dont pinging)
Can anyone help me?