W7500P - access to IP101G

coming back to question raised up by Winston (nov 13, 2015) and unfortunatelly left open.
I’m going to use W7500P (with integrated IP101G) in my upgraded application. I’m looking for means to access local PHY IP101G registers - there is of coarse a management port with MDC & MDIO interface but it is not included in an alternate function set nor a specific memory address area is dedicated for access to IP101G registers.
Is there any way to read/write PHY registers from Cortex M0 program level ?


I also have the same question.

Edward and Lawrence, Can you take a short time to look at this question?

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I have the same problem. The network link to the W7500P not working.
phy id detect error !! :astonished:

I looked at the code from github github.com/Wiznet/W7500P
at the file: W7500P/W7500P_FW/ioLibrary/MDIO/W7500x_miim.c
This contains code to access the PHY chip.
However, if the PHY is not responding, it might be that it is using the wrong address.
I would first check the PHY_AD0, PHY_AD1, PHY_AD3 and make sure the LED’s are connected correctly.
The datasheet of the IP101G shows how to set the address of the PHY on page 47 of bdtic.com/DataSheet/ICplus/I … 121224.pdf

Hope that helps.
Edwin van den Oetelaar (Netherlands)

W7500P embedded the function of IP101G. But I think the data sheet and reference of W7500P need to update to clearly show the attribute and application of W7500P.

Let’s look at the code from github github.com/Wiznet/W7500P
at the file: W7500P/W7500P_FW/ioLibrary/MDIO/W7500x_miim.c

Example #1

#ifdef W7500P
// PB_05, PB_12 pull down
*(volatile uint32_t *)(0x41003070) = 0x61;
*(volatile uint32_t *)(0x41003054) = 0x61;

Comment: When refer to the reference and data sheet of W7500P, there are no definition of address of (0x41003070) and (0x41003054) , nor of PB_05 and PB_12

Example #2 main()

mdio_init(GPIOB, MDC, MDIO) // #define MDIO GPIO_Pin_15 #define MDC GPIO_Pin_14

Comment: W7500P do not define PB_14 and PB_15

The question raised by Winston is critical to W7500P’s application, I wonder why this question is still open after 4 month。

Ed Zheng

Hello, all

Thank you for your interests with W7500P.

At the first, Sorry about no PHY reference document in W7500P ref.

It will be updated soon on http://www.wizwiki.net > W7500P Document page.

Sooner or later I will notice here.

Thank you so much


Hello All,

There is a 7500p PHY reference updated.


And soon, MDC MDIO pin register also updated.

So sorry about getting late.

It will be modified and updated more and more.

Thank you so much.