The Almighty WIZ VSP driver

Hello All,

As an implementor of WIZ108SR, I automatically expected
to receive instructions to a URL to download WIZ VSP or at
least in my mail when I sent a request to
as I having been purchasing these modules in the UK.

A temporal work-a-round was to download a free VSP from
[url]HW VSP3 - Virtual Serial Port |
so my clients can connect to WIZ108SR’s. Of cause windows hyperteminal can
connect to remote WIS108SR over the LAN/WAN.

Why is obtaining an WIZ VSP for WIS108SR is such shrouded in secrecy and perhaps
unnecessary delays?

I have been using Xport from Lantronix over the years and one can easly download a VSP
for it’s products.

I cann’t understand why it’s such a fuss when it comes to WIZNET serial products.

Hanspeter Baer.