TCP connect time latency

Dear collegues,

I would like to ask you about latency of TCP connection. To be more specific. My proposed network should consist of one module in AP mode and several (lets say max. 20+) of slave modules. These modules should be in the network under that AP. Proposed modules are WizFi-250s.

Once upon a time the master node in AP sends UDP broadcast to synchronize time inside slave nodes (I suppose it is OK, because I need tolerancy of +/-10ms)

But to the crucial thing:
All slaves will be in TCP listening state in the meantime. What is the best estimation of TCP connect latency from master node to the listening slave node? In other words time from AT+CONNECT or sth. to successfully established connection ready for data exchange. I need this time just to check if whole round-robin of slave will be enough short to preserve buffered data in slave nodes.

Many thanks for your answer,


Hi Jan

Unfortunately, WizFi250 can support 8 connections at the same time. So It seems like AP doesn’t fit in your proposed network.
And Connection time depends on the wireless environment.

Thats okay for me I understand. But slave modules all be in listening mode and master will always make one connection to one slave, tranfer data and close. Then connect to another slave and so on. So there will be no parallel connections. I am interested in connection (opening socket) time to the listening slave. Maste to Slave. Thank you.

hi Jan

Connection time depends on the wireless environment.( milliseconds ~ seconds)