TCP Client : IP with URL

Dear All,

i manage to use a socket as TCP client. using AT+SCON=O,TCN,,1000,0,0

when required, the module open a link to the TCP server and send some data to the defined IP:PORT (here, to
that work as expected :smiley:

but how to do if i need to add an URL to the IP ?..
by example
:question: :question:

thanks, regards

Hi pill

Please refer to the following link. … esOverview

maybe if you want to connect to the example url.

  1. connect to IP:port using SCON command
  2. send http request to server.(you can refer to the data format in upper link)
    for example…

GET /URLtest HTTP/1.1

yes for sure… my apology for that “stupid” question !
was late in the night !

thanks Daniel, regards