Wiz5500io getVERSIONR not working

i am seeing strange results when i try to read the VERSIONR on my Wiz5500io… here is the result of the SPI command:

[url]Dropbox - w5500-bad.png - Simplify your life

when i run the exact same program using another W5500 shield, i see what i believe is the correct response (0x4):

[url]Dropbox - w5500-good.png - Simplify your life

i have held the RST line low for 1ms on my Wiz5500io, and have seen the RDY line go from 0->1; i have also waited another 200ms before sending this first SPI command…

the fact that i’m not see that 0x1, 0x2, 0x3, … sequence on the SPI command sent to the Wiz5500io makes me suspicious… reading other registers such as PHYCFGR also return 0…

any ideas???