Check & control digital output status using HTTP GET & POST directly


I am interested and planing to buy WIZ550web + WIZ550web-EVB for controlling my equipment remotely. And, I already looked at how to control the WIZ550web via web interface (v1.1.1) and look at the index.html’s code and would like to check whether I can check and control the digital output (relay) state by using the HTTP GET & POST commands directly (bypass web interface). Please help advise.

I would like to check whether it works without extra code modification before I will place the order. Thanks in advance.

From my understanding :

To get the current status of all I/O :
GET /io.cgi

Change state of digital output 1 to ON
POST /dout.cgi with pin=1 & val=1 in message body

Change state of digital output 1 to OFF
POST /dout.cgi with pin=1 & val=0 in message body

Please help confirm that my understanding is correct.



This is very similar to the question I asked last week. I’d love to hear an answer or a pointer to some further docs on how the module works.