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HTML/Java Example of communicating with Serial WIZ?


Curious if there is any example code on how to successfully send data via a web-page to one of these devices?
I picked up a WIZ110SR with the hopes of being able to control PTZ cameras on the other end via a custom web-page interface and while I can hunt around for a general solution, I thought I would ask here in case WIZnet already has a template HTML solution they can provide?

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Dear Peter

Please refer to the following link.


Thank you for your response.

So my question is can not the WIZ100R do this? I bought one under the impression that it could.

I’d like to be able to place the WIZ100R next to a Serial controlled PTZ camera and send PTZ serial commands from a remote location to the WIZ100R via TCP which in turn spits that out it’s serial port to the camera. Is this not what the WIZ100R can do? I see a TCP/IP connection, a Serial connection, an IP address… all that seems to be missing is some example code on how to send serial commands to the TCP/IP socket?


In WIZ100SR/WIZ110SR, there is no serial command to send data.
If you need, please refer to WIZ550S2E.

If you need more advice, please contact to sales@wiznet.co.kr


Confused. I am not using serial to send commands, I’m using Ethernet:

Computer -> Switch 1 <-> WIZ100SR <-> Serial interface to PTZ Camera

So from Computer, I want to utilizing (this is my question, is there sample code) sending serial commands through a TCP/IP socket connected to the WIZ100SR say in the other room so it in turn sends those SERIAL PTZ commands to the camera connected to it.

By all design, this box looks like it should do this right? Isn’t that what this box is?

You mean WizVSP solution? (Virtual Serial COM Port solution)

If yes, please contact to the local office of WIZnet.

If no, I think there is no example code for your request.


Got it working with AJAX calls. Works GREAT!

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