Where to buy W7100A with preloaded boot code?

Hi Wiznet,

I am planning to use W7100A chip for Ethernet to 485 converter.
Can you kindly suggest me where to shop for W7100A chip?

Does the chip is pre-loaded with the boot code and therefore can i use WizISP programmer to load the latest WIZ108SR(New HW ver 1.2) Firmware (.bin file available on you website) via UART?

Can i also upload the latest WIZ108SR(New HW ver 1.2) Firmware (.bin file) via LAN port by using WIZ107/108SR Config Tool in new W7100A chip ?

If the new W7100A chip doesn’t contain the boot code than kindly suggest me the possible way to upload the latest WIZ108SR(New HW ver 1.2) Firmware (.bin file) into the chip ?

Your quick 7 prompt reply in this regard is highly appreciated?



Hi, amitims28.



Always 7100A contains boot code. You don’t need to take care of it.

Best regards.

Hi amitims28,

I’d like to respond and give some guide for you about buying W7100A.

WIZnet sell W7100A in two kind of product, pure W7100A and W7100-S2E.

The pure W7100A doesn’t have any binary code inside except ISP code. So, you have to develop your code and download it by WIZISP program.

The other, W7100-S2E is the preprogrammed MCU and WIZnet program WIZ107SR or WIZ108SR binary code onto it and sell it.
You only need to do SMD mounting it onto your target board.
You can download the latest binary code from WIZnet website and upload it onto your W7100-S2E chip via LAN, not WIZISP.
If you try to use WIZISP, then you will lost original boot code of W7100-S2E.

W7100-S2E is more expensive than the pure W7100A, because it has commercial code and real MAC address inside.

For more information, you can ask and order this to one of WIZnet distributors([url]http://www.wiznet.co.kr/sub_modules/en/howtobuy/Distributor.asp[/url]) near to you.

Thank you.