Predefined_get_cgi_processor, predefined_set_cgi_processor

Dear Sir/Miss

In the HTML Server examples I have two functions that are not defined.

uint8_t predefined_get_cgi_processor(uint8_t * uri_name, uint8_t * buf, uint16_t * len);
uint8_t predefined_set_cgi_processor(uint8_t * uri_name, uint8_t * uri, uint8_t * buf, uint16_t * len);

Could anyone please give me some code for these? Or if that is not known any information on what these are/do. I guess these are processor specific? I’m using a 32bit PIC if that make any difference.

Kind regards

sources are here :
… and are for a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 embedded (W5500 EVB)