wizVSP software - Send 8bit, Received as 7bit?

Very odd issue that is only happening with the wizVSP software but not with other test virtual drivers…

My WIZ110sr is set to 9600/8N1 no handshake
Everything works fine sending with other virtual drivers but I needed multiple serial adapters so I needed wizVSP.
However, wizVSP’s port settings are greyed out and even though greyed out it says it’s set to 8N1 and my serial adapter is 8N1, I’m connected to a dump terminal program at 8N1 but the DATA COMES IN 7 BIT!? I.E., FF into the com port comes across at 7F. 81 comes across as 1. Etc…

NOTE: VERY ODD - Where it says in WIZ VSP on the left under COM6 in the Port Status: column. When connected it flashes 1200 7E1 !?!?! That should be 9600 8N1 right?

See image to show greyed out settings:

Dear pstone

Please refer to the following tutorial.
[url]WIZ VSP user guide - YouTube


Hi and thanks for the video but that actually has nothing to do with this issue.

Please see this video below. I’ve already started a case with your tech support. Apparently there is a problem with WIZVSP. It is sending 7 bit data to TCP/IP mapped non-localhost locations unless forced set to 8 bit from a local program.

Also WIZVSP does NOT save and reintegrate the virtual ports upon reboot. If you add 20 ports and reboot, the WIZVSP program will show them there but windows will not have them in the device manager. That’s another bug.


Further zoning in on the problem: It lies in that when you set the port to be created virtually, the WIZVSP is connecting to the VIRTUAL PORT at 1200 7E1 even though the port setup which is greyed out says 9600 8N1. THAT is the problem.

If you connect to the virtual port with a local terminal program where you can SET the rate, it will SET that virtual port correctly as shown in the video. However none of that holds on reboot which remains a separate problem.