W7500 vs W7500P : is detection possible at runtime or via SWD

I want to detect what kind of chip I have on my SWD chain. (a W7500 a W7500P or some other cortex m0)
Using st-link and gdb I can read the CPU ID Base register (as shown on page 220 of the The Definitive Guide to ARM ® Cortex ® -M0 and
Cortex-M0+ Processors Second Edition Joseph Yiu)

(gdb) x 0xe000ed00
0xe000ed00: 0x410cc200

The current release of the Cortex-M0 processor (r0p0) has CPU ID values of 0x410CC200

So it is a cortex m0, but is it a W7500 or W7500P (which needs different firmware version because I/O is mapped differently) ?
What register can I read (using SWD) to tell me what chip I have?

Edwin van den Oetelaar

Hello, oeretelaar

Thank you for your interest.

Simply, we wrote it down on Chip.

So… I really recommend you to check it…

Because there is no register to notice chip id…

So, it will so annoyed to find out… you will find out with firmware…

I think BOOT pin is easier than others…

So sorry about it…

Thank you