There is no article about how the W5500 in general works respectively how in general it must be used.
I think now it is in this way (under considering the SPI Frame Format)

  1. General initialisation
    This must be done to write parameters like the ip-Adress etc. to register 0 (Address Phase 0)

2.) Load the data to send into the TX-Buffer of one of the sockets (Default 2KByte place for data).

3.) Send the Send command to the command-register (is there any).

4.) Find out if all data has be sent. (How?)

Is that right?

Franz-Peter, W5500 datasheet is really scarce of this information. I recommend you taking W5100 datasheet, it has very detailed overview how socket should be used. W5500 logically works the same way, having 8 sockets and different register layout.
In W5100 datasheet you will need to pay special attention to:

  • page 28 socket status register transition diagram;
  • page 34 cyclic buffer usage;
  • page 41 and further for how to program socket.
    I hope it helps.
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