Help please, Wiznet107SR resetting to factory defaults


We have two WIZ107SR interface boards that show the same issue. The WIZ107SR seems to reset itself to factory defaults randomly.

We don’t have a problem connecting to the unit, but can not explain why the settings on the unit change. We are definitely NOT issuing the software factory reset command through the config tool.

We have studied the electrical interface and have pulled the nRESET and nFAC_RST lines both high. We have also tried leaving them floating and it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Could this point to a problem where the unit is not getting enough power, or some other issue?



Please check the firmware version of WIZ107SR.
If the version is lower than latest version, please update to latest.
(Latest version is currently 2.20 for H/W rev1.1 and 3.11 for H/W rev1.3)

If you face same problem after update, You need to request RMA.
Please contact seller.
They will tell you procedure to request RMA.