WIZ107SR error?


We are using the wiz107sr.
The wiz107sr is configured as follow

[ul]Networking: Configured for DHCP, TCP Client with remote IP/host & port [/ul]
[ul]Serial: baud 115200, data 8, parity none, stop 1, flow control none, timer:0, size:0, character: 7E[/ul]
[ul]Options: all as default, inactivity time:0 , re-connection interval:1000, code: none,and use row data transmission [/ul]

In a test I made today I notice I’m sending the string data “2|1234~” the wiz107sr replayed a different message to the server one it had sent to the server 3 hours before!

Is there an errata I’m missing about this?

Please advice.

The wiz107sr was up & active for more than 5 hours prior the issue (it might be 10 hours as well).
Upon hard reset the wiz107sr returned to behave correctly.

We are now creating a workaround to use the nRESET to reset the wiz107sr every 3 hours.

  1. Is there a better solution?
  2. Did someone else encountered the same problem?
  3. What could cause the issue?