Problem to connect to AP if character "," is in the password

Dear all and Wiznet team

i have a problem to connect to my AP when i use the character “,” (ASCII 0x2C) in the password !
if i set the password to “123456789”, no problem
if i set “123456,789”, i successful connect to my AP !

after checking the AT+WSET command, i think that there is maybe a problem with the module that do not support the “,” in the command …?
==> how to solve this issue please ?

thanks, best regards

Hi phil

what is the version of F/W you used?

It can possible to use the parameter ‘,’ in F/W

for example…
AT+WSEC=1,WPA,12345678 => WPA, Password: {12345678}
AT+WSEC=1,WPA2,1234,5678, => WPA2, Password: {1234,5678,}
AT+WSEC=1,1,8 => AUTO, Password: {1,8}

Hi Daniel

it’s fw, the last official version.

what is that version !!?? how many different non official and non released version you use !!??
we can’t use non official released version, so if you consider as stable, please release it !!
(same problem for the version you provide us for the problem of multi client access )

if we use, what guaranty us that new feature of are included ?..
if we use, the multi client feature is not added too …
that’s not a good practice !

so what is the solution for the “,” character and the fw ??
no solution ?.. bug that is not tracked anywhere …
we already release a lot of products with version … do we need to plan to update all products …?
inform our customers that “,” char is not possible … they need to update all there equipments because our equipment is not conform to the standard ?



When Some functions are added in F/W, it cause F/W version to increase.
Upgrading F/W to Higher version, It include the feature of lower F/W.
Higher version of F/W provides backwards compatibility with lower F/W.

And the function you want(about “,”) supports the F/W or higher.
as you know, the feature for multi client access can use the F/W or higher.
( version is made from your opinion.)

so why you don’t release the as official ? and where find it ?

so Daniel,

i repose my question …
what guaranty us that is stable version ?.. as she’s not official released version !..
and where find it ?..


Hi phil

You can download F/W at link below … 0_firmware