HOW TO Compile source code for WIZ550S2E

Hi guys,

Here’s how I finally got the source code to build for the WIZ550S2E firmware. This was run on a WIN7/64 bit computer.

Downloaded the source code for this module from I downloaded the zip of the entire repository, then extracted to a folder on my desktop.

Downloaded the recommended LPCXpressso IDE v7.5.0_254.
Direct Link: … .0_254.exe

Used “Import Project” under the “Quickstart Panel”. Clicked browse next to the box “Project Directory (unpacked)” and selected the downloaded code on my desktop. It found all four projects. Clicked options for “Search for nested projects”, and “Copy projects into workspace”.

Right Click on each project → Properties → C/C++ Build → Builder Settings → “Generate Makefiles automatically” [1]
Right Click on each project → Build Configurations → Set Active → Release [2]
Right Click on each project → Clean Project

Build project [3]
Right Click “lpc_chip_11exx” project → Build Project
Right Click “wiznet_s2e_wiz550s2e_board” project → Build Project
Right Click “WIZ550S2E_Boot” project → Build Project
Right Click “WIZ550S2E_App” project → Build Project

Boot HEX is located here: [LPCXpresso workspace]WIZ550S2E_Boot\Release\WIZ550S2E_Boot.hex
App HEX is located here: [LPCXpresso workspace]\WIZ550S2E_App\Release\WIZ550S2E_App.hex

[1] = Can't build WIZ550S2E_Boot
[2] = This step might not be necessary, but the compiler ran out of program space (firmware too big) until I tried this.
[3] = See “The order of compile” on


Question: Which HEX file do I program into my WIZ550S2E? I have “Boot” and “App” HEX files. The example on Github shows “boot+app.hex”, which is not one of the options! -Mr_E


App and Boot is available to upload separately.

and using a program such as srecord(hex merge), it is possible to upload an entire hex combined with the App and Boot.

however, care should be taken to set up the program.