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I still try to connect to a WIZ550io. Ping is running well. However it is not possible to connect to the module (see the attachment with a WireShark-recording.
How is it in generell?
So what I know it is so, that I press Reset (Pin 3) for at least 500µs to low, the module will load default parameter (IP-Address Then I can use ping and also can connect to the module (e.g. with a VB.NET-Socket-connection).
Is that right?

If this works, I will go to the next step to excange data. Then, I need the help of a microconroller of course.
Is that right?

Best regards
Franz Peter

if your preferred language is modular basic see here for PIC18 http://www.sfcompiler.co.uk/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=SwordfishUser.W5500 and for PIC24/32 see here http://www.firewing.info/pmwiki.php?n=FirewingUser.W5500
There are examples for http/soap communication written in vb.net. :wink:

Great! Thank you.
But however, just for ping and connect I do not need any configurations - just one Reset on J2/Pin3 - isn’t it?

My aim is to control things from the PC. At the moment I do this with the Chip IO-Warrior56 via USB. The PC with the running control program is connected to the IO-Warrior56 via USB-cable.
Now I want to do exactly the same via Ethernet. I thought, that I connect a network-cable between my computer and the WIZnet550io and then I can connect to the hardware in the same way: The control program runs on the PC and via the Ethernet-cable I can control the hardware.
The first step is now, to make a TCP-connection between PC and WIZnet550io. However, it is not possible to make just a connection from the PC to the WIZnet550io. Just a ping is working, but connection not.
I have programmed a TCP-Socket- (TCP-Client-) connection which works fine to any server on the network - but not to the WIZnet550io.

The sense of the WIZnet550io is, that I do not need to configure this device, because it is self-configuring if I press the Pin3 of J2 for 500µs to GND. That is what I can read in the datasheet. After that, I can connect to the module, but that does not work.
Am I wrong?

Hi Peter,
the module mounts a PIC MPU that in the module reset sets MAC address and other few registers ([url]Disable PIC on WIZ550io]) and is for this reason that then responds to your simple ping but then you have a fixed address and to change it you need to set the module again.
To use the module then as a server or client must set its registers to use it then you need something that “speaks” with the module through its SPI.
To give you just one example… to get a dynamic address via your DHCP server you must set many module registers and not just make a reset.
I do not know the hardware you’re talking about but if this happens it means that someone performs the requested operations.

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