WIZ550web TCP port

The old Wiz220 allowed us to connect over a TCP socket and send commands without going through the web interface. It was reasonably well documented for that old part.

This new Wiz550web seems to have that TCP port closed off. The documentation is not that good but it suggests that the TCP port can be enabled but I think I’d have to use their java configurator tool and I couldn’t get that to work. Can someone help me through the process of getting the TCP port open?


Clone Code source from Git GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ550web: Webserver application with W5500 for things (Non-OS)
and change in header source file WIZ550web_App/src/Internet/httpServer/httpParser.h
#define HTTP_SERVER_PORT 12345
where “12345” is your selected port
recompile using correct compiler detailed in Home · Wiznet/WIZ550web Wiki · GitHub.

Hope help you, from future.