W7200 - development under CooCox

Dear Sirs,

I would like to start learning W7200. I purchased a development board iMCU720EVB. I would like to use CooCox CoIDE to develop code for this device. As you probably know Coocox is free and more and more popular. It supports ST32F103C8, so I think it is possible to use it as development environment. On the other hand I faced some problems when trying to setup a project and compile a W7200 source sample (looback test). I think there are minor differences between the configuration files provided by Coocox and those shared by Wiznet which renerate plenty of errors.
Would it be possible to share the sample source codes as a Coocox project as well? Maybe it would be just an hour work for somebody who has overview about the necessary startup codes, cmsis files etc.
Why is Coocox not mentioned at all in your documents as suitable development environment? It is a great tool for ARM Cortex M4, M3, M0 based controllers. It would be great to make it work with W7200!

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Miklos Vogel

Hi, mvogel.

We has sample project with cookie board and CooCox CoIDE.
But it is for W5500.
So you can use it at 7200 by changing code.

Try one more and post reply if you cannot use it.

Best regards.

Thanks for the fast response! I’m much closer to sucees with that (far less errors when compiling). On the other hand I could not replace W5500 with W5200. I changed all 'define’s to w5200 but it seems to me that the drivers have different structure (w5200 folder containes a few more files like spi.c and others) so I could not clean up dependencies so far. It would be great to set up the workspace so that anyone can switch to other chip changing #defines and include files only. It seems to be more complicated in this case.
Further question. Is there any possibilty to manage firmware download into iMCU7200EVB from COIDE?

Hi, mvogel.

You can download firmware by CoIDE.

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Thanks. Could you please help me how? If I’m right the dev. board features an internal bootloader code, so there is no need for any adapter. Download works with ST flash downlader demonstrator. CoFlash however needs an adaptor to be choosen like colink, stlink etc. How can I set it up to work as with my EVB through USB?


I am still asking for some explanation how to download code from COIDE. Do I need to purchase any hardware adapter or it can be done through simple USB connection? If yes, how to configure CoFlash to work with my EVB?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, mvogel.

I’m sorry for late reply.

I don’t know Colink exactly, but I looked Colink spec roughly and I think Colink is running as JTAG.
And 7200 has JTAG port(refer to 7200 datasheet page 10) so I think you can download.

If you have our 7200 evb, you need to connect JTAG port additionally because our evb don’t has JTAG port.
The usb port is serial communication.

Conclusively, 7200 can be downloaded by serial(ST flash downloader demostartor) or JTAG.

Best regards.