Need information about MACRAW,IPRAW


 In my project i implemented TCP,UDP protocols and working fine. in document i find macraw,ipraw like that. actually i don't know what are that protocols. please provide information about MACRAW,IPRAW.



If you use TCP or UDP mode in sockets, you will get real payload data in Rx buffer .
Whereas, with MACRAW and IPRAW mode, you can get not only data but header and/or trailer according to mode you use.
W5500 supports only MACRAW mode and it’s used with Socket 0.
When you use MACRAW mode in W5500, the packet having Ethernet header, IP header, TCP(or UDP header), payload and so on will be trasferred to Rx buffer of Socket 0. All operations with data are up to you.

For example, you can make NAT function with two W5500 and MACRAW mode.



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hi sir,

 In w5500 IPRAW mode won't support. i am trying for MACRAW but it is not working. i did configurations everything same as UDP and selected socket 0

i am using drivers only. i am not getting why it is not working. is there any different configuration needed. and where i can get drivers for pppoe mode.



first, you can find the pppoe/ipraw application note and source code by clicking on the link below.

Let me know how it works when you use the our source code.


Dear Sir,
Can I make NAT function with the IPRAW mode of W5500? Do you have any documents of MACRAW, IPRAW packet fields?
And the MACRAW mode only use for Socket 0?
Thanks & Best Regards!
Phuc Truong


Do you have any documents of MACRAW, IPRAW packet fields?

The only information about this mode that I found is in attached document section 9.2.4.
WIZ5500 supports only MACRAW and as you said only on socket 0.

Helio J Almeida

W7100A_DS_V124E.pdf (2.36 MB)

Thank you very much, Helio J Almeida.
Have you built the NAT IP application using W5500?

Thanks & Best Regards!
Phuc Truong