Receive Broadcast Packets from Local Area Network


-We have a Local Area Network that connects various devices that communicate with each other by sending UDP broadcast packets on port 10102.

-Our intention is to have some of these devices connected to the LAN by using the Wiznet in gateway mode. The Wiznet WAN cable (Port #0) is connected to the Local Area Network and the device is connected to Wiznet LAN Port #1. The devices are behind the Wiznet firewall.

-We would like to know how we should configure the Wiznet in order to receive the broadcast packets from the other devices on the local area network through the Wiznet firewall.

-The device connected after the Wiznet firewall has an IP Address (Wiznet assigned this IP). We have tried setting the DMZ for IP Also we tried setting up port forwarding on for port 10102. Both settings do not work as expected, UDP packets received on the Wiznet WAN cable (Port #0) are not forwarded to the devices behind the Wiznet firewall.

-What settings are required for the firewall to let these broadcast packets go through to the device behind the firewall?
What about sending out broadcast packets to the network through the firewall so other devices on the Local Area Network get them?

(TCP forwarding works as expected)

Thanks a lot!