W5500 won't communicate

Hello everyone

after i setup a working prototype of my idea with an arduino pro micro, a WIZ550io and a RFM12B i decided to design my own PCB.

But everything is working except my W5500. The Atemga32U4 works fine, and can communicate with the RFM12B. The W5500 doesn’t appear to to either have a functioning SPI connection or a functioning connection between the W5500 and the Rj45 (J1B1211CCD). BUT the LEDs on the RJ45 light up when an ethernetcable is connected which might point out that the 25Mhz crystal is working, the power is supplied and somewhat the wiring to the RJ45 might be correct. The yellow LED is lighting solid and the green one is blinking from time to time.

Does anybody know some sort of SPI command i can send that works like a ping? So i can just check the SPI connection?

Kind Regards,

Martin aka. Apicalis

As a start you could try to read a known register value.
For example VERSIONR which is present in the Common Register Block should return 04.
This way you get a first impression on SPI behaviour.