Question about W7500/W7500P


  1. Where is difference between W7500 and W7500P?
  2. Any produced chip W7500 can be programm via ISP (UART) or only chip W7500 in WIZwiki-W7500?


W7500 is just MCU(Cortex-M0)

W7500P is MCU + Ethernet PHY.

And are you need just a W7500 chip firmware download ? (using WIZwiki-W7500 board)

It is you need W7500 chip download board.

but, we don’t sell W7500 chip download board.

Thank you

so I need develop device witch W7500P, I use WIZwiki-W7500P for debug project and then I need upload my project to my board via ISP.
If I buy chip W7500P, install him to my board and use ISP (via RS232-driver connect to COM1) and W7500_ISP (20xxxxxx) .exe - I can programm W7500P? Any chip W7500P have boot mode and possibility to download firmwar?



W7500P ISP operation is just boot active high. And push reset button.

and then using “W7500_ISP (20xxxxxx) .exe” tool.

and then comport setting(you said via RS232-driver connect to COM1) and click to connect.

It is ISP operation progress.

Thank you

Can anyone please provide some more details?
The manual seems to have no information on booting, besides that the BOOT pin must be high.

What IS the boot sequence?
WHICH PINS are involved in the boot sequence?
What is the handshake, signal timing, data format, program loading model, etc. for the boot sequence?

Obviously some other pins are going to be involved to actually get the program into the device.
Where is the document for all of this?

So, for example… you say “connect to COM1”.

OK, great. WHICH PINS do we connect to COM1?
What other pins? E.g., clock input?
Surely the clock frequency has to match a multiple of the baud rate?
Or is it asynchronous serial?
Which exact software suite, where to download?

I would hope that there is just a document that answers all of these questions.

Have the same questions. We are rolling out some designs based on the W7500P and would like to censor the low level details on the ISP flash programming over UART. Prefer not to request the client to download the powerful flash programming tool. Instead we wish to code our own that will make use of USB to UART to reflash the target W7500P device but only in case of flash corruption or perhaps during production.

Are the details of how the UART flash programming is used documented somewhere?

Alternate idea is to build a USB to SWD programmer which will be another lengthy process.

We just cannot afford to have the customer return to the factory a bricked product for flash programming.


We recently purchased a WIZwiki-W7500P board for development and are facing the same issues.
The plane to use the W7500p in our final product and be able to program/update the firmware via ISP-mode.
Is there any more information about how this is done?

For the ISP to work should there be a bootloader pre-programmed in the chip or does this work with any new chip?
The WIZwiki-W7500P uses UART2 for this purpose, can this be any UART?